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Sinan Emre

Smile Designer

Sinan Emre Şekerci established W Clinics with the aim of providing the best healthcare services to his patients and taking healthcare services to a new dimension. He studied on "Aesthetic Approaches in Dentistry" with various associations and study groups. In his clinical practice, he especially prefers microscopic and digital approaches and shows interest in current publications and meetings on this subject.


He gives courses and seminars on microscope-assisted smile design, the use of porcelain materials in anterior region restorations and digital dentistry in many regions in Turkey and around the world.

Smile Design

Laminate Veneer, Hollywood Smile, Smile Makeover

Smile design is a concept developed to evaluate the position of the teeth in the mouth, their size, the relationship of the teeth with each other and the relations of the teeth with other structures such as lips, gums and mandible, and then to present the most suitable smile design to the person through various arrangements.


Previously, we were only able to show the patients the possible image after the treatment with the work we did on the model. Now, thanks to the developing technology, we can show the patient the exact possible result with the help of computers.


Each tooth has an individual size, position, angle and color. As a result of the disorders that occur in the mouth during development or later, these features of the tooth may naturally deviate from the values ​​they should be. In such a case, it should be determined which structures and which teeth cause this situation the most, and a treatment plan should be drawn up for necessary corrections.

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